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Since 1967, California Center Credit Union (CCCU) has remained steadfast in its mission to provide you with excellent member service while bringing you and your family the highest possible value for your membership. Our commitment to this mission remains unwavering. That’s why we’re pleased to share exciting news that the Board of Directors of CCCU has voted to pursue a merger opportunity with Credit Union of Southern California (CU SoCal).

Together, CCCU and CU SoCal would provide you with the exceptional personal service you’ve come to expect, add even greater conveniences, and offer a more comprehensive portfolio of financial products to better serve you today and in the future.

This is a very important milestone in our credit union’s history and we are extremely pleased about the many benefits our united organization would bring you.

Key Benefits

Greater Convenience. In addition to our Ontario location, you would immediately gain 13 CU SoCal branches, extended weekday service hours at our new locations, and Saturday service hours at five new locations as well as at the telephone service center where calls are personally answered (no automated call attendant is used). You will also continue to have access to nearly 30,000 CO-OP Financial Services surcharge-free ATMs, more than 5,000 shared branches, and 2,000 self-service locations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and military bases around the globe.

Broader portfolio of products and services. We are excited that our partnership would provide you with additional products and services to deliver higher-value solutions. Our expanded line of services would include 2nd chance mortgage loans, investment services, and commercial lending to better meet your growing and diverse financial needs.

Our Identity

The name of our combined organization would be Credit Union of Southern California (CU SoCal). Upon approval and completion of the merger, CU SoCal President/CEO Dave Gunderson would continue in his present role. All CCCU staff would be employed by the new credit union; therefore, you will continue to see the same friendly faces in the branch that you do today.

Our Promise

We know that it is your continued support and loyalty that determines our success as your financial services provider. We assure you that you have been and would remain our primary focus. Our plan in strategically integrating our two healthy credit unions is to deliver you higher-value solutions as well as enhance technologies and operating efficiencies for long-term success. If approved, the teams will work diligently to help ensure a smooth transition of your accounts and maintain the highest level of service.

What’s Next

We are now seeking regulatory approval of our merger proposal. Following approval, we will ask our CCCU membership to vote on our proposed partnership. Please watch for additional information and voting materials later this year. When the time comes, we will respectfully ask for your support and approval of this important plan.

Please review the "Questions and Answers" brochure for additional details about this exciting opportunity. If you have any questions about what this proposed merger means for you, please call us at (909) 476-8018. We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback.

Thank you for your loyalty and continued support.

Andrea M. Blais

Board Chair

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Regular Share-Savings
Watch your dividends grow at CCCU. We calculate dividends on your average daily balance, then compound and pay them quarterly. You will receive your monthly Share Account Statement by mail. Note: Federal Regulations limit the number of regular share transfers and/or withdrawals to six per month, including overdraft protection transfers.

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Young Savers (0-12)
Children up to the age of 12 may have their own Young Savers Account at CCCU. The required minimum balance is only $5, and the account begins earning dividends immediately. CCCU also holds contests and drawings for its Young Savers, and the account is an excellent way to help them develop good savings habits for the future. College Saver Share Certificates are also available.

Future Leaders (13-21)
The Future Leaders Program is available to young people from age 13 through 18. The program offers several types of financial services: Future Leaders savings account, checking account, College Saver Share Certificates, scholarships, special loans, training in financial planning, and other services specially geared to helping this age group develop financial responsibility and leadership skills. The Future Leaders savings account has a minimum balance of $10, and there are no membership fees. The account earns dividends beginning with the opening deposit.

Individual Retirement Accounts
You may deposit up to $5,000 ($6,000 if you are over 50) of your earned income each year in a high-yielding IRA to provide for your retirement. Your IRA savings may be eligible for tax deferral, depending upon whether you are eligible to participate in another retirement plan. If you do, your income will determine how much, if any, of your IRA deposits qualify for deferral. Your IRA earnings are automatically tax-deferred without qualifications. You may deposit in person, by payroll deduction or by transfer from another account or financial institution. IRA deposits may be made through April 15 for the previous year’s contribution. Dividends are calculated on your average daily balance and are compounded and paid quarterly.

Basic Checking
The Basic Checking Account requires no minimum balance, has no monthly service charge or per-check charges and has no dividend payment. The account offers unlimited check writing, overdraft protection and access by automated telephone system, online home banking and ATM. You may withdraw any amount up to your account balance by draft, or up to $300 per day through the CCCU ATM network connection. Check images are available on demand through our home banking program.

Need to reorder checks? Just call 1-800-355-8123 or online visit

Interest Checking
Pays dividends on an average daily balance of $1,000 and up. Minimum balance required to earn dividends and avoid a service charge is $1,000. The account has no monthly service charge unless your balance is below $1,000 at any time during the month; if this happens, your account will be subject to a $6 service charge for that month. The account offers unlimited check writing, Visa debit card access, overdraft protection and access via the automated telephone system, online home banking and by ATM. You may withdraw any amount up to your account balance by draft, or up to $300 per day through the credit union’s ATM network.

Money Market Savings Account
With CCCU, you have access to terrific money market rates without having to maintain high minimum balances. Our tiered money market account is a great way to earn more dividends on your savings while maintaining flexibility over your funds.

  • Tiered dividend rates - the more you save the higher your earnings
  • No monthly fee
  • Unlimited in-person withdrawals or transfers
  • Up to six pre-authorized withdrawals or transfers per month
  • Up to three may be by check or electronic withdrawals
  • FREE personalized checks
  • Access your CCCU money market through online banking or the telephone teller

Debit Cards
Looks like a credit card and works like a check...Your Credit Union has an outstanding Debit Card Program!

With the Debit Card you can:
Access your Credit Union share Draft/Checking account worldwide!
Get cash at any ATM displaying the Visa and/or Star logo.
Use your Debit Card to purchase goods and services exactly like you would use a Visa Credit Card...except that, instead of borrowing for a fee, you are accessing your Share/Draft Checking Account for Cash!

Any merchant that honors Visa Credit Cards will accept your Visa Check Card, even those who do not accept regular checks!

Share Certificates
Choose from our Regular Share or, for our members 55 and older, our Silver Share Certificates. Terms are available from three months to one year. College Saver and Coverdell Educational Savings Account Certificates are also available.


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